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Enrolment FAQs

Yes, every year we hold an Open Day normally in June.  

The Open Morning for prospective families commences with an address from the Principal, Head Girls and current Year 9 students.  Following the introduction, families are invited to tour the College.



Unfortunately if you can’t make it to Open Day we are unable to offer personal tours unless you are relocating to Wellington from elsewhere in New Zealand or overseas.

No.  We are not able to offer scholarship places at Wellington Girls’ College.

We cannot process an application in advance on the basis of a signed tenancy or settlement.  You must be resident at the enrolment address before your daughter can be enrolled.

This depends on where she spends the majority of her time while the school is open for instruction.  In order to satisfy the school of this you need to supply a copy of the custody agreement or legal documentation.

No.  Students can only live with their parent or legal guardian.

Neither the Ministry of Education nor the Board of Trustees has signalled any intention to change the school zone.

Students should remain living within the zone for at least 24 months from the date they start at the College.

No.  The ballot is carried out under a Justice of the Peace and is akin to Lotto, with numbered balls coming out of a hopper.

If you want your daughter to remain enrolled at Wellington Girls’ College you need to seek permission before moving out of the zone.  The Board of Trustees considers all such applications on a case by case basis and in certain circumstances will allow girls to continue their schooling.  Others will be advised that a move out of zone will jeopardise their daughter’s continued enrolment.

Our prospectus and enrolment forms are online – go to and you will see it on the right hand side of the page. Enrolment forms will need to be downloaded and printed then completed and either posted to Wellington Girls’ College, P O Box 12-471 Wellington North 6144 or delivered to the school office.

A ballot for out of zone places at Year 9 level will be held on Friday 14 August.  We will not know how many, if any, out of zone places will be available for next year until after 3 August when all the enrolments should be in.  Please note that the law has changed so that daughters of former students who live out of zone are now given a higher ranking in the ballot than other out of zone students, but in 2013 and 2014 we did not take former siblings, daughters of old girls or out of zone students because the numbers were so high.  This year we accepted all siblings and few daughters of old girls but still no-one from out of zone.