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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student leadership is an important aspect of Wellington Girls’ College, and something to which many students aspire. The school leaders are split into nine committees, each with a specific focus, and an over-arching Executive Council, which addresses overall school issues. The committees are: Sport and Recreation, Arts, Student Support, Houses, Student Learning, Te rōpū a Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, World and Environment, Student Council, and Digital and Literacy. Each committee is made up of the leader, up to 6 committee members.  The nine leaders make up the Executive Council, along with 2 Head Girls, and the Board of Trustees Student Representative.

Head Girls
The roles of the Head Girls include representing the school at public events, working with Rotary clubs as an honorary member, helping choose prefects throughout the year, running assemblies, chairing the fortnightly Executive Council meetings, keeping contact with the school's chosen charity, student representative on the Parents' Association - dealing with dances, balls and the leavers' function, as well as running assemblies.  The Head Girls play  important roles within the school as role models by being active, present and enthusiastic about all aspects of student life.  They also support each other, and ensure they help create the best possible school environment.

Katie Fenton and Brooke Kinajil-Moran (Head Girls for 2017)
Zoe Smith  (BOT Representative)

Student Support Committee
The Student Support Committee cannot be defined by one sole purpose however we take it to heart to encourage student participation, confidence and ownership. This year in particular we are focusing on building a safe school community for all girls through trying to integrate year groups and also bring awareness of our rich cultural and ethnic diversity. We aim to set an example of school spirit and pride, and to see girls grow into the potential which they all possess.   To sum up, Student Support believes that WGC girls are talented and beautiful and wishes to see: support, unity, participation, personal confidence, opportunities, respect and trust become an important part of who we are as WGC girls.

Student Council Committee
The Student Council Committee is predominantly responsible for organising and running School Council meetings. Each Form Class from Year 9 to 12 elects one girl to represent them on the School Council, and School Council meetings are held fortnightly on a Monday. The School Council runs 'Student Council Week' annually - a week involving fun events which aim to raise money for the school's chosen charity.

Houses Committee
The Houses Committee is an extremely important part of the school. It is made up of two House Leaders from each of the six houses: Batten, Cooper, Sheppard, Hodgkins, Williams and Mansfield, and a Head of Houses.  The main role of the Houses Committee is to instill school and house spirit and help to create a supportive environment within the school.  This is achieved by motivating students and helping them to get involved in the school community by competing in house events like Athletics Day and Swimming Sports.  The House Committee encourages girls to be as loud as they want, supportive of their peers and passionate about their school.

Digital and Literacy Committee
The Digital Information and Literacy Committee (or Diglits) is responsible for the record keeping for the school - whether it be through video, document or print. We are in charge of Tech Angels, Video Demons, Book Club, Writers' Club, Sign Writers' Club, Photography and the School Magazine. Aside from the obvious duties, our little committee supports anything to do with literature and technology. We aim to spread our love for these aspects of the school and encourage girls to get involved. Our committee is a bit different to others because we have such a broad spectrum of specialty areas but this only adds to the vibrant diversity of Diglits.

World and Environment Committee
This year, the World and Environment Committee wants to ignite a passion for any international or environmental event occurring in the world. We hope to achieve this through fun and engaging events held throughout the year, encouraging girls to take part and learn something they didn’t know before.  Some events we have planned for the year include a “Walk and Wheel to School” Day, promoting carbon-free transport, and “Freedom Week”, showcasing the work of Amnesty International. Ultimately, the World and Environment Committee wants to see Wellington Girls’ girls leaving school with insight into the greater world, and dedication to preserve our planet’s treasures for generations to come.

Te rōpū a Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa
2011 was the inaugural year of the newly formed Ka Hikitia Committee.  We were involved in supporting Māori students towards further academic achievement and school success, as well as further integrating Māori culture into the wider school community.  This year we have widened our brief to incoropate Pasifika students as well.  Some of our goals for the year comprise teaching the school a waiata, supporting pronunciation and use of Te Reo by teachers and students, and to inspire younger Māori and Pasifika students to step up and become leaders.  We also have many events coming up this year such as - Matariki, Māori Language Week and our Poly Club and Kapa Haka's involvement in the Cultural Extravaganza.  We are eager to get as many people as possible involved in all the events

Arts Committee
The Arts Committee is made up of eight creative, enthusiastic and hard-working students. Each of us are dedicated in encouraging and supporting the arts throughout the many aspects of it at our school - whether it be Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Debating etc. Our aim is to celebrate the vibrant cultural life here at Wellington Girls' College, by collaborating with the various groups, troops and bands around the school. Every Assembly we organize budding artists (in any field) to get up and perform, and we also have our sights set on creating new clubs and colorful murals for around the school. This year we are looking forward to heading and organizing the Cultural Extravaganza with Wellington College, where we get a chance to show the city our formidable talents in music and dance.

Student Learning Committee
The Student Learning Committee is one of the two new committees which have been introduced this year. With a strong focus on student voice within the classroom, our core goals this year are to improve the teacher-student relationship, while providing students with a more influential say in how they learn. As a new committee, we hope to establish our group as a highly regarded and respected one within the school and to demonstrate to the student body the significant potential that our ideas carry to be able to bring about change.

Sport and Recreation Committee
The Sport and Recreation Committee plays an important role in the WGC community. Wellington Girls’ has a huge number of girls participating in sport in the college. Our committee helps out with major sporting events, as well as promoting school spirit in each of the codes and encouraging participation in sports and physical activities. Throughout the year the Sport and Rec committee organise various small sporting events to help fundraise for the school’s chosen charity, and encourage school participation in sport. All the members of the Sports committee also are the code captain of their particular sport, and the members each do a wealth of work to assist with the organisation of trials and help coaches out during the season.