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TRIAL - Thursday 1st Feb, 3.30pm - 5.30pm, WGC Field

Please bring appropriate gear. You may bring your own bat, pads etc, but gear is available for use.

1 session per week after school (day to be confirmed)


1st X1 – plays 20/20 games on Thursdays 4pm (Term 1 only)  at various venues throughout the region. 

If numbers permit, we will have a 2nd team which will play in the 8-aside grade. This team will be for players with lesser or no experience.

NZCT: Girls Qualifying tournament, Wellington TBA



WGC PE Top / Black pants (provided)

Parent Help
If you think you can help the teams in any way, please complete the Volunteers Form, found on the Sports homepage.

Forms must be submitted online, and payment made, by Fri 2nd Feb.

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