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WGC Football Convenor

Tim Harford

WGC Football teams play in the mid-week interschool competition. The 1st XI will also compete at the National Premier Tournament. (3rd - 7th Sept, Taupo)

WGC Football is not affiliated, associated, endorses or is in any way officially connected with any particular football club or academy.  

Students Year 10 and above, may make up a social team of at least 15 players, but at the time of entering their team, they must also nominate a competent adult coach / manager to referee their games each week. All players must complete an individual online registration form as well as submit ONE team form to the Sports Office. Training is optional for social teams.


1st X1 - Coach Ben Frean

Competition - Division 1, played Wed night on aritifical turf, usually Wakefield Park

Training - Mondays 3.30pm - 5.30pm  WGC Field

Team - Open to seniors and juniors 

Uniform - Tops & Shorts supplied. Two pairs of socks need to be purchased from the UZ Uniforms shop - plain gold alternate socks and the WGC black & gold socks


2nd X1 - Coach Glenn Tims

Competition - Division 2, played Wednesdays 4pm onwards at local schools or artifical turf

Training - TBA - WGC Field

Team - Open to seniors and juniors 

Uniform - Tops & Shorts supplied. WGC black & gold playing socks are compulsory


3rd X1 - Coach TBA

Competition - Division 2 played Wednesdays 4pm onwards at local schools  Training - TBA - WGC Field Team - Seniors (Year 11-13) only

Junior A, B & C - Coaches TBA

Competition - Junior Regional Div 1, played Wednesdays 4pm onwards at local schools

Training - TBA - WGC Field

Team - Juniors (year 9 & 10) only

Uniform - WGC PE uniform, tops and shorts (no exception). WGC black & gold playing socks.


Social Teams

 Competition - Division 3 played Tuesdays at 4pm at local schools or WCC grounds

Uniform - Social teams may supply their own team shirt (all the same) but the shorts and socks should be standard WGC uniform.



Internet Banking                       

030518-0027013-002      (WGC Account)

Reference=Student’s name & Sport ie “Foot” e.g. Rosie Smith Foot



The 1st & 2nd squads will be open to Juniors and Seniors. This indicates a change in format with juniors now able to play in the top squads.


Any senior who does not make the 1st or 2nd squads will play in the 3rd X1. 

Any juniors not placed in either the 1st or 2nd squads will trial for the junior squads.


Trials 1st , 2nd X1 & 3rd X1 Teams only (ie Open to all seniors and good juniors)

Sunday 18th February - WGC Field - 9.30am - 11.30am 
1st Trial 
1. Data collection to be used as immediate performance indicators for three main sources being acceleration, lateral and agility  
-  0 to 20m to 40m line speed from static start. This tells acceleration capability i.e quick start or faster  once started.  
-  T-test lateral test, tells  change of direction movement, how the body moves sideways, and how sharp.  
-  Obstacle agility test, again movement specific but joins all relative body movements and motion into a collective aimed at                coordination and speed.    

Trialists will then attempt to kick a ball over the half way line. i.e ball must be in air and go between two markers. This is        another quick opportunity to see how well a ball can be delivered.
2.  Attitudes are very easily observed during these exercises and is almost as important as the exercise itself. Character is often viewed best in these sole run tasks.
3.  Confidence identification - annual improvement for individuals to gauge. Times recorded will be used the following year as markers.  

Sunday 25th February - St Pats College Turf Kilbirnie - 9.30am - 11.30am 
2nd Trial  
- Short games on a full sized turf 
- All trialists in preferred positions where possible 


Trials - Juniors (Yr 9 & 10)    

  • Sunday 11th & 18th March 1pm - 3pm 

Students are expected to attend all relevant trials. Junior trials are held on the field at WGC (wet or fine).



A registration form must be submitted online, and payment made, by Friday 9th February. 

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