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WGC Hockey Convenor
Riley Jennings


The school will have 5 or 6 selected teams and no social teams. Only those who attend the trials will make a team. Teams train and play on turf during Terms 2 & 3.


All trials will take place at the National Hockey Stadium, Mt Albert Road, Berhamphore.

The trials details are as follows:

The trial process will run in a two stage process, so that every player is seen at least twice. The first trial will be split in two, and will start with a trial for all Year 9 players as well as 2018’s 4th and 5th XI returning players. This helps identify where the new players sit skillwise as well as measuring them against players who already have at least a year of secondary school hockey.  Returning 4th and 5th XI members will be given a chance to show development and improvements in an area where they are not directly competing against 1st XI players. Directly after this trial there will be a trial for returning 3rd, 2nd and 1st XI players to assess where improvements have been made, and where gaps may be. This first trial will be relatively skill based, with a number of small drills testing different skills and followed up with a number of 6 a-side games in small areas. Selectors will be ranking skill between 1-5 and making comments, both praising good skill and highlighting areas for improvement.

The second trial will then also be split in two parts. The first half will be a trial for prospective 4th and 5th XI players (and 6th XI depending on numbers). This will help place players into a team with other players of similar abilities. Stand out players from this trial will be asked to stay on for the following trial if need be. The second half will be for prospective 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI players where the selectors will be looking to place players into their relevant squads. This trial will consist of a number of short 11 a-side games where selectors will look and see how players play in games.
Fitness will not be tested at either trial by ways of a fitness test as the hockey season is a long and hard two terms and you should not be at peak fitness by trials. This also shows that you’ve had a break from hockey or taken up another sport over summer. However, a base level of fitness will be required to impress during the drills and games to allow us to see you play at your potential.

From these two trials the selectors will go over the notes and will name squads for the 5 or 6 teams. They will allow for some movement as the 1st XI will name a bigger squad to take away to pre-season games. Shortly after final teams will be announced. It is important to note that previous years teams will not be taken into consideration when choosing teams and will only be used to split the first trial up. The teams will be made up of the best 13-16 players available for that team.

Selectors:Selectors will be made up of a mixture of WGC Hockey coaches, previous WGC 1st XI players and outside independant selectors. The trials will be supported by senior Year 13 players to help run each drill. Goalies will be assesed by an independant goalie/goalie coach where possible to provide more expert opinion. If the selector happens to be a parent as well then they will not be grading their daughter in any way. Final decisions will be made by the WGC Hockey Convenor with support from the WGC sports office.

Trial Dates to be confirmed.


1st X1, 2nd X1 and 3rd X1 train at the NHS:
Mondays 6.15pm to 8.15pm (this could change)

All other teams train on the WGC turf.  Training times will be confirmed once teams are selected and coaches appointed.



Competition Dates
The first games of the season will kick off the week beginning 30 April with grades playing on the following nights;

Tuesdays: Premier 3 and Reserve 3 Girls
Wednesdays:  Reserve 1
Thursdays:  Premier 2
Fridays:  Premier 1 and Reserve 2

The 1st XI team will be involved in sports exchanges and is required to attend Tournament 2nd - 7th Sept, Auckland



1st XI, 2nd X1: Dresses provided, Gold socks, WGC black & gold socks for 1st X1  

3rd,  4 th, 5th & 6th XI: Gold playing top provided,  black skirt to be purchased

All teams: WGC hockey socks (black with gold top) can be purchased from NZ Uniforms

Own hockey stick

Shin guards, mouth guard, turf / sport shoes.

Goalies are required to play with protective gear at all times. Goalie gear can be supplied by the school if required.


$215    (Cost includes team registration and turf fees) There will be a $40 refund to players selected in the 4th & 5th X1 as they don't train on the NHS turf. 



Registration forms must be submitted online, and payment made, by Friday 22nd Feb, 2019. 

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