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Mid-week interschool competition will be held in Term 1 for both Juniors and Seniors. Interschool competition is not for beginners. Girls need to be able to play to a reasonable standard ie serve correctly and to score their own games.  Each match now comprises of 2 singles and 1 doubles only so a team can be 2-4 players.

All grades are played at schools in the Wellington area, Mitchell Park or at the Renouf centre.

Competition Dates: Tuesdays 4pm

Equipment:       For competition - own racquet. Balls supplied.           

Costs:                $40

Uniform:            Junior Team - Black PE shorts and PE Top.

Regional Tournaments at Renouf:   
13th March - CSW Open Champs   
20th Nov - CSW Junior Champs 

Registration Forms must be completed online, and payment made, by Friday 8th Feb. 

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