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WGC Sport Uniform

  • Most top teams will be issued uniforms which are to be returned at the end of the season.
  • Uniform requirements will be kept to a minimum but in all cases the uniform is non-negotiable.
  • Our various sports uniforms are registered for sporting codes and must be adhered to.
  • The WGC standard PE uniform for juniors is black WGC shorts (NOT bike pants or ¾ pants), the black and gold WGC polo shirt, white socks (not black) and sports shoes.
  • Most playing uniforms will be the official WGC PE uniform, so seniors will need to keep the WGC PE uniform when moving up from the junior school. Some sports codes wear a black skirt instead of the shorts, such as hockey, badminton and netball. Shorts can not be worn when a skirt is the official uniform.
 All items are available from NZ Uniforms, 167 Thorndon Quay.  The WGC sports bag, which can also be used as a general school bag, can be purchased. Tracksuit tops are not part of the compulsory sports uniform but we encourage students to purchase one if quite a bit of sport is to be played.

A generic WGC hoodie can be purchased from NZ Uniforms. This can be used for all extra-curricular activities. This is highly recommended rather than buying separate hoodies for each team / sport.

However, if a team would like to organise its own team hoodie, the design and printing must be approved by the Sports Office. Please collect a form from the Sports Office, complete the form and have it approved BEFORE purchasing. Student coaches will not be in charge of purchasing the hoodies but rather an adult manager. Students will be responsible for the payment of the hoodies, not the school.

When you buy sports shoes from Shoe Clinic, $10 per pair goes back to WGC. The money will be donated to a senior girl(s) who has given her time and energy to the sports programme and it will enable her to buy sports shoes.

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