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Introduction to Programming – 1 day cse Register here


Wednesday 8th June 9.30am -1pm Weltec Petone

Introduction to Programming – Turtle Graphics using Python Junior IT Taster 2022


This short course is delivered in a fun way and may involve some group work – practical hands-on experiences, which are underpinned by the relevant theory•To successfully complete the course, students are expected to have an interest in learning Information Technology and have reasonable computer literacy

COURSE AIM:This short course is designed to introduce students to programming using simple graphics programming methods. The short course uses Python language to teach graphics to beginners using simple programming. The skill gained will provide the learner with an understanding of a programming career and explore further study opportunities available in the Information Technology Industry. Ideal for students who are in Year 12 and 13.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: At the end of the course, students will be able to:

•Demonstrate their understanding of software programming and their application in an IT context.

•Compare various programming languages used by software programmers in the IT industry –specifically with Python as a widely used programming language

•Demonstrate skill using simple programming constructs to develop graphics

•Challenge using a mini graphics programming project.

INDICATIVE CONTENT: -History of Python as a programming language-Python Syntax, built in module for Graphics, developing graphics windows-Turtle Graphics commands and drawing my first graphics-Drawing simple pictures and images using turtle graphics – Skill level 1-Drawing complex pictures and images using turtle graphics – Skill level 2