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Property update

  • Term 2 – Major work is planned for both the stairs and the Atrium areas. The contractors will be working every available working weekday and Saturdays throughout the holidays in an effort to get as much done as possible. Once term starts they will have to continue the pace to complete what needs to be done.  The school is sourcing dispensers of  earplugs for students and staff to help mitigate the noise from the work. These will be placed in Pipitea classrooms and the staffroom.
    • Music Practice Rooms: Access will now be via the office entry door only. The canteen entrance will be kept locked but still be able to be used as an exit from the inside. The Music Department classroom will be back in use for the beginning  of term 2.
  • Brook Lift – open for use for staff, contractors  and students with lift passes. Please note the floor numbering on the call pad is 1 – 4. With 1 being ground and 4 being level 3.  This will be changed but in the meantime you will need to use the set numbering. 
  • Tower lifts: Tower lifts have been freed up for staff,  permitted students and contractors to use.  Ceres are off site and no longer need a lift that will go past level 3.  


  • Atrium   Working on the new staff room kitchen (formerly Finance office), and the new wall between Pipitea and Tower.
  • Level 3 Pipitea – From 3 pm Thursday 14 April Hawkins will be undertaking the earthquake strengthening work throughout the whole floor. The work in this area will not be completed until at least the end of week two term 2. The Technology Department will be relocated to the Library for this period.
  • Lockers:  With new entrance ways coming from Pipitea (replacing the old links between Pipitea and Brook) it will be necessary to move some lockers on each level of Brook.  Students will be advised before the end of next week (14 April) should they need to empty their locker, students will be reallocated a new locker at the beginning of Term 2.
  • The exterior wall to the back of the stage area  – The  shrink wrap should be in place later in the week.
  • Brook Lift Driveway –   The exterior scaffolding will be removed Saturday 9 April. The driveway will continue to be used by Hawkins for  materials delivery and storage for the work in the Atrium.