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Snapper on Johnsonville Train Line

From Metlink

‘Trial to remove paper tickets from the Johnsonville rail line

We are writing to inform your school that following the successful Johnsonville Snapper on Rail pilot, we are now entering the next phase of the trial. We would appreciate your assistance in communicating this important information to your staff, students, their parents and/or caregivers.

The next phase is to remove Monthly Passes, 10-trip and single trip tickets purchased from Metlink retailers or ticket offices at Wellington station and replace these with Snapper by 1 July 2022. Single trip tickets can still be purchased with cash on-board.

Snapper is cheaper, faster and easier to manage than cash. You are able to purchase a Snapper card online and it will be mailed out to you, or from your nearest Snapper retailer to purchase one in-store.  If your school has Snapper in your school ID, your students may already have a Snapper.

It is encouraging to note that most Johnsonville commuters are already using Snapper cards for their rail journeys. This will enable Metlink to continue to meet customer demand for electronic ticketing in the immediate term as an interim step towards the National Ticketing Solution (NTS).’