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Want to connect with Auckland University

We are aware that many of your students may still have questions during this time and our team here in the Schools Partnership Office (SPO) are available throughout this period. Some options that we can provide to connect are zoom presentations with your students, small group sessions, one on one sessions, question and answer sessions with our advisers and as usual we are available for phone calls and emails. We are also able to connect students with staff across our University to assist with any specific questions they may have. We realise that some students are in online teaching mode and are moving into holidays next week and some students are already on holidays. We are happy for students to contact us as they need to during this time.

If students wish to connect with us, they can do so by contacting us directly via the meet our team page, or if they register their details and tick the box to receive contact from a schools adviser, one of our team will be in touch with them to begin a conversation and to help out with any questions.