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WGC uniform wanted for the next second hand sale

Our next second hand uniform sale has been postponed to 27 January 2022 due to Covid L2 restrictions. However we still need to collect uniform and process it before the end of the school year. Submitting uniform will earn house points for next year. If you have uniform you don’t need, this is a great opportunity to pass it on to someone who can use it. You can either donate the uniform or get us to sell it on your behalf. All it takes is three easy steps:
3. Drop off the bag to the WGC Student Office by Monday 29 November.
If you are donating you can skip some of these steps and simply put your uniform in a bag with ‘Donation’ clearly marked on it and the name of your house.  Click here: if you’d like to to receive email notifications of upcoming uniform sales or help out with future sales.
Sales are organised by the WGC Parents’ Association and funds raised are donated to the school.