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Wellington Girls' College Board

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About the Board

The Board comprises parent representatives, who are elected every three years by the parent community, the Principal, and staff and student representatives.

It co-opts members as needed to maintain an appropriate mix of relevant skills and experience. It controls the management of the College, although day to day administration is delegated, and it sets the principal long and short term objectives through the charter and the strategic and annual plans.

The Board monitors performance – including student achievement – against the objectives and national guidelines.

It determines major policies, sets the budget and ensures that the College is financially sound, decides how property funding is to be used, and adjudicates serious disciplinary issues.

Much of this work is carried out by the several committees: property and ICT, finance, personnel, and parent support.

The Board meets annually with all department heads to review needs and performance.

Wellington Girls' College Board Members

Presiding Member – Katie Graham
Principal – Julia Davidson
Parent Representatives– Melanie Brewer, Andrew Brown, Helen Dale, Jon Devine, Duncan Roy, Bindy Tatham
Staff Representative – Abby Craig
Secretary – Elmarie Els

Upcoming Board Meetings

To view minutes from previous meetings please use this link

ERO Review - 2024

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