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School Uniform

The School uniform is available from NZ Uniforms on Thorndon Quay throughout the year. The shop is open Monday to Saturday. Appointments are not necessary.
168 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington

For information on second-hand uniform sales please visit the Parents’ Association page

Uniform Guide

Wellington Girls’ College Guidelines and Procedures require all students to wear uniform as described in the prospectus until the end of Year 12.

Uniform (students may wear a combination of these items)

  • Teal plaid skirt to be worn at knee length
  • Teal plaid pinafore to be worn at knee length
  • Teal culottes
  • Regulation trousers
  • Regulation Ie Lavalava
  • Short sleeved white blouse or T shirt
  • Long sleeved white blouse or T shirt
  • Regulation jersey, vest or cardigan
  • Teal Blazer with College crest (optional – unless representing the school)
  • Regulation black sandals, or regulation black school shoes with plain white ankle socks or plain black tights
  • Short or Long Sleeve Senior Black T Shirt ( for seniors only)

Please Note:

  • Shoes need to be plain black, leather, lace ups. Sandals need to be plain, black leather and have a supportive heel strap. A selection of styles will be shown to parents at the enrolment interview. Socks may not be worn with sandals
  • Students wear plain white ankle socks or black pantyhose (any thickness, but not patterned) if they are wearing shoes. Black socks are permitted with trousers
  • No undergarments or T shirts are to be visible at the neckline, but students may wear white polyprops or similar under their uniform if they need added warmth
  • School Hoodies (sports/ cultural) are not part of the school uniform
  • Jewellery is limited to small studs in each ear, a small nose stud and a wristwatch. Taonga or a necklace may be worn but for safety reasons need to be tucked inside the uniform. No other visible jewellery is permitted. Jewellery needs to comply with the Health & Safety implications of any activity being undertaken. Watches are permitted
  • Makeup is not to be worn with the uniform, but clear nail polish can be worn.
  • Extreme hair colours are not permitted. (‘Extreme’ is defined as those colours outside the range of natural hair colouring)
  • Teal blazer with College crest can be worn as the warm outer layer
  • Regulation black College jacket or plain black jacket
  • Black and gold College scarf, or plain black scarf
  • Regulation black shorts or regulation active wear (leggings) worn with black regulation PE shirt
  • Sports shoes
  • Regulation College tracksuit optional, but recommended for students playing sport for the College. Pants and jacket can be purchased separately

Regulation shoes and sandals

Acceptable shoes are plain black leather shoes that cover the top of the foot, have a low heel, are sturdy and suitable for the full range of activities experienced at school.
Acceptable sandals are plain black leather sandals, with an open toe, single strap around the ankle and no heel.

Culotte, Skirt, Pinafore, Trousers, Ie Lavalava

Mid Layers


Outer Layers

PE Uniform

Price List

Prices are subject to change. Please check the NZ Uniforms website for up to date pricing

$45.00Blouse S/S White (w logo)
$50.00Blouse L/S White (w logo)
$38.00Tee S/S White (w logo) *Years 9 & 10
$38.00Tee L/S White (w logo) *Years 9 & 10
$38.00Tee S/S Black (w logo) *Years 11 & 12
$38.00Tee L/S Black (w logo) *Years 11 & 12
$110.00Skirt Teal/Black
$140.00Pinafore Teal/Black
$101.00Culotte Teal/Black
$95.00Trouser – Black/Teal
$90.00ie Lavalava Black (with logo)
$85.00Vest Black/Teal Strip (w logo)
$110.00Jersey Black/Teal Strip (w logo)
$110.00Cardigan Teal (w logo)
$290.00Blazer Teal (w logo) *Optional
$35.00Scarf Black/Gold
$110.00Rain Jacket Softshell Black (w logo)
$40.00PE Polo Black (with logo) *Compulsory Years 9 & 10
$35.00PE Shorts Black (with logo) *Compulsory Years 9 & 10
$75.00Leggings Black (with logo) *Optional
$70.00Hoodie (Zip Up or Pullover) Black
$45.00Netball Skort Black
$35.00Rugby Shorts Black
$89.00Swimming Togs Black
$18.00Socks (Football/Hockey) Black/Gold
$18.00Socks (Premiere Teams) Plain Gold
$55.00Sports Bag Black/Gold (with logo)
$22.00Ankle Socks White (3pk)
$22.00Ankle Socks Black (3pk) *With trousers only
$14.00Tights Black Opaques
From $135.00Shoes Black Leather Lace-up
From $49.95Sandals Black Leather with Heel Strap
From $45.00School Bag
$15.00Power Bank White/Red
From $4.95Hair Accessories
$4.00 EachName Labels
$12.00Laundry Pen
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