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Welcome to WGC clubs! There’s something here for almost everyone and if nothing jumps out at you, startup your own club!

Clubs at WGC

If you would like to update information or advertise your club (rolling notices etc.), please get in touch with the Student Communications Committee .

Our Clubs

Amnesty is an international organisation that promotes and enforces human rights all over the world! If you get involved with our group you’ll get the opportunity to do awesome charity work (great for your CV) and learn about world issues with a group of equally passionate students.


WHEN: Every other Monday
WHERE: Library quiet room
LEADER(s): Freja Cook and Lokyee Szeto

We alternate between watching various anime episodes and doing fun club activities such as creating our own manga, competing in quizzes, and playing fun games! You don’t need to be an anime expert to join! Everyone is welcome.


WHEN: We meet every Thursday at lunch!
WHERE: Room currently unknown
LEADER(s): Rebecca Robson and Eunice Lee

The AV Club runs school assemblies behind the stage! We are responsible for making the microphones/music and projector work during assemblies. It is a really fun way to see how assemblies are run and you get to meet some new people in the process!

WHEN: Before assemblies on Tuesdays
WHERE: In the Hall
LEADER(s): Lucy Borlase and Mehma Siddiqui

New to WGC, Barbershop is an auditioned 4-part close harmony chorus that sings unaccompanied vocal songs. Barbershop at WGC is student-led alongside director Kate Sutherland. They take part in the Barbershop National Convention every year and occasionally perform at our school assemblies.


WHEN: Wednesday before school 8 am/8:30 am to 9:30 am. Extra rehearsals are sorted within the chorus.
WHERE: Music Room

At Book Club we discuss books, book adaptations, comics. Pretty much anything you can read and sometimes things that you can’t. We generally watch a movie every term. Anyone who enjoys books and reading should come along.


WHEN: Every second Wednesday lunchtime – starting 13th of February.
WHERE: Quiet Study in the Library
LEADER(s): Hana Reeve, Manuela Spies, Rose Taylor, and Eleanor McEwen

“2019 Chinese Club” is a club providing extension and interest for students who would like to learn more about the language and culture. Learning a language is not only about the foreign vocabulary, it is an immersion into a new and richly diverse culture. There are a range of culturally interactive activities for instance, Chinese paper cutting, quiz, kahoots, Chinese food, festivals celebration, current popular TV shows, historical films, dancing, singing, Chinese hacky-sack as well as Chinese study tutor sessions etc. The club will meet on Friday fortnightly at lunchtime in B34 (Chinese classroom) and we welcome all from years 9 – 13 students who are learning Mandarin at school and your friends as well. – From Ms. Wang.

WHEN: Fortnightly at lunchtime
WHERE: B34 (Chinese classroom)
LEADER(s): Ms Wang

Combined Choir is for students who want to experience singing in a 4 part mixed voice choir with students from both Wellington Girl’s’ and Wellington College. To get into the Combined Choir, you must audition.

WHEN: Thursdays 4.15 – 5.45pm. Beginning date tba but may be February 14th in the Brierley Theatre at Wellington College.
WHERE: Alternating between WGC and WC termly and depending on availability of venue

Having a little trouble getting your head around economics, accounting or managing money? Then Commerce Club is here to help! Whether you’re popping in once or as a regular, our friendly team of year 13’s at Commerce Club are more than happy to help you out! If you’re after one on one help, just flick us an email and we’ll see what we can do. We are also getting speakers who work in the business industry to tell us about their journey so stay tuned… 🙂

WHEN: Thursday Lunch
LEADER(s): Jasmine Dong and Tessa Conroy

Concert Band is open to woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, guitar and bass players, Grade 2 or above. We play a wide range of music, including jazz, classical, movie themes, pop, and rock music. We combine with Wellington College for most rehearsals and performances, which this year include The Wellington Band & Orchestra Festival in August, and The Musical Soirée in September.

WHEN: Thursday 4:15 – 5:45 every week
WHERE: WGC hall or at Wellington College
LEADER(s): Fi Engel and Josie Greenwood

Dance collective (WGCDC) is a club for all comers and any level of dance experience, we run workshops every Friday lunch where we have many different choreographers in year 12 and 13 who teach some fun dances and run technique and tricks as well! There is no pressure to turn up every week as we will always be doing something different!

WHEN: Friday lunchtimes
LEADER(s): Emma Bell and Rhian Beddow

Our club runs Sheilah Winn, an inter school Shakespeare performance competition, as well has helps teach and refine drama skills for students of all ages. Elsa and Holly, (the leaders) are really excited to run Drama club for 2019, so make sure to come around for drama games, performances, laughs, and much much more! If you have a passion for performance this is the club for you!

WHEN: Held every week, Monday Lunch
WHERE: Drama Room 1
LEADER(s): Holly Willis and Elsa Haywood

Duke of Edinburgh is an internationally recognised award programme which recognises students for taking part in a variety of extracurricular activities- sporting, cultural and voluntary. There are 3 levels, Bronze (age 14+), Silver (age 15+), and Gold (age 16+). At each level, participants must undertake physical recreation, skills, and service, as well as an ‘adventurous journey’- an outdoor trip completed over a few days (e.g. tramping or kayaking).

LEADER(s): Mr Walker

WGC Feminist Club believe that all people should be treated equally and given equal opportunities regardless of their identity, and we want to bring together people who believe so too – if you share this belief or would like to learn more about it, come along to Feminist Club! 2019 will be a lot of fun – even if you don’t label yourself a feminist there will be something for you!

WHEN: Every second Wednesday Lunchtime (starting 13th February)
WHERE: Drama Room 2
LEADER(s): Olivia Trass, and Freja Cook

Are you passionate about social justice? Do you want the chance to have your voice heard? We are a group of WGC students who discuss feminist issues both close to home and further abroad, every Thursday from 4-5 on Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM. If you are a year 10 or above and this sounds like something that would interest you, get in touch with Gabriela!

WHEN: In addition to scheduled shows on Thursdays, we meet once a fortnight on alternating Wednesdays to Feminist Club
WHERE: Drama Room 2
LEADER(s): Gabriela Murray-Abarca

Interested in wellness and all things good for you? Then come along to Get Up Club! Each week a group of like-minded students come together to discuss their goals, and strategies for achieving their dreams. Come along!

WHEN: Wednesday Lunchtime
WHERE: P2 A&B (Breakout space)
LEADER(s): Grace Barralet and Emily Latham

WGC’s Christian Group! Feel free to come along, Christian or not everyone is welcome. Free food, Friends, activities and weekly videos.

WHEN: Friday lunchtimes
LEADER(s): Jasmine Thomas, Esmae Collett, Nina Rajan, and Ella Jourdain

Interact is a volunteer group that offers opportunities to Year 11,12 and 13 to get involved with the community, gain leadership skills and get to know students at our brother school Wellington College. We work with many different organisations so there is sure to be something you are interested in. We also run our own events both as fundraisers and to have some fun!

Every 2nd Tuesday
WHERE: Library
LEADER(s): Aidan Homewood

The International Club is for any WGC students who would like to…

  • Meet people from around the world
  • Learn about different cultures, food and languages
  • Enjoy activities and games from different countries
  • Join events with students from other Wellington schools


A group of students who enjoy some quiet time knitting, learning to knit, or teaching others to knit. You can either bring your own project along, or contribute a few squares to our blanket.

WHEN: Tuesday Lunchtime
WHERE: Quiet Room in the library
CONTACT: At this stage email –

For anyone who wants a chill club where you can learn something new and have some fun. We look at all things related to the ancient civilisations of the Greeks and Romans and do fun activities varying from colouring-in to quizzes where you can win prizes. You don’t have to take Latin or classics to take part everyone is welcome.

WHEN: Every Monday Lunchtime
LEADER(s): Latin Associates

Orchestra is for players of string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. No audition is needed, but the WGC Orchestra is not suitable for complete beginners. However, we can certain adapt parts to simplify them if necessary. Orchestra is also made up of students from Wellington Girls’ College and Wellington College.

WHEN: Thursday before school 7.50 – 8.35am and lunchtime from February to June, and from late August to early November. First rehearsal: 21st February
CONTACT: At this stage email –

Running club is held on Monday lunchtimes every week (rain permitting) where anyone from any year and any running ability can come and go for a lunchtime run with the group. We all run at different paces and there are times to relax or work harder depending what you want to do. We vary between a few routes close to school including the waterfront and the botanical gardens. Come join a fun and supportive environment to keep your fitness up as well as heading out to check out the Wellington scenery.

WHEN: Monday Lunchtimes (rain permitting)
LEADER(s): Ms Goodall

Do you write songs? Do you want to? Come along to the Songwriting Club to learn the tips and tricks of the trade, share your work with others, and write some great songs. All welcome, from beginners to budding professionals.

WHEN: Every second Wednesday Lunchtime (TBC)
WHERE: Music Room
LEADER(s): Catherine Bullock and Mr Stewart

Spectrum is an all inclusive club for LGBTQ+ students and allies to be supported and to learn about themselves and the world around them. No matter who you are or how you identify, you are welcome at Spectrum! We meet every Friday in the Mez above the gym.


WHEN: Friday Lunchtime
WHERE: The Mez
LEADER(s): Ace Dalziel


Students Against Dangerous Driving is all about spreading awareness on how youth can become safer drivers and avoid the consequences of driving dangerously. We aim to do small but effective actions around the school to promote SADD and give the students of WGC resources to be the best and safest drivers. We make it fun to make a difference and everyone and all ideas are welcome. If you are interested in joining a chill and fun club that helps make our NZ roads safer then flick an email to the leader!

WHEN: Monday lunchtimes once a month
WHERE: Library (though this is dependent as we are new and are looking for a permanent place to meet)
LEADER(s): Emily Simpson


Study Centre is an after-school club run by the Student Learning committee every week, where you can come and get help with any of of your subjects from people who have previously taken the subject. It is a great opportunity to get some extra help with your work, especially if you are struggling in a particular class, and also a great opportunity to meet new people. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you want to, and there is food available every week! Hope to see you there!

WHEN: Afterschool, day TBC
WHERE: Library
LEADER(s): Josie Greenwood


Teal is a large all comers choir for any WGC students who love to sing. All are welcome! Auditions are done in groups and are only to decide on voice parts. There is no pressure and we are very friendly 🙂

WHEN: Thursday before school 7.50 – 8.35am and lunchtime from February to June, and from late August to early November. First rehearsal: 21st February


TealTV is WGC’s film club, it’s a great way to get involved in many different parts of the school. We film and edit all of the school’s main events. Learn how to use a camera and Premiere Pro – no experience required.

WHEN:Every Wednesday Lunchtime
LEADER(s): Zoe Bowron and Imogen Rice


Ukulele club is open to everyone! It is a great way to become involved with the musical and cultural life at school and it’s heaps of fun. You don’t have to know how to play the ukulele, or be good at singing, you just need to be enthusiastic. There will be a lot of performance chances, and you’ll be able to meet new people from Wellington Girls’ and Wellington College.

WHEN: Friday Lunchtimes and Friday After School from 4pm – 5pm
WHERE: Drama Room 1 and Wellington College respectively
LEADER(s): Sarah Brownlee, Aisling Lawson, Holly Leighton-McPhee, and Lily Roling


In Kpop club, we do everything related to kpop (and korean culture) such as kpop dancing, singing, performances, DIYS, Language learning, some fun games and challenges (with prizes!) There is also food! If you’re multi fandom or even if you only like one group, like dancing and singing, are keen to learn another culture, and a lot more – you will love this club!!

WHEN: Thursday lunchtime
WHERE: We meet in Drama Room 1 (with the blue door)
LEADER(s): Kathy Nam and Sophia Marquez


WGCSC is the Wellington Girls’ College Singing Collective. We sing lots of songs in a mixture of genres. It is a good option if you enjoy singing in a group and want to meet some new people. Your singing skills will slowly improve although, you will not be made to do anything you are uncomfortable doing. We mainly work towards assembly performances and our end of year showcase. No prior singing experience or musical knowledge is needed, and we are welcome to all!

WHEN: Every Tuesday lunchtime
LEADER(s): Stella McGann and Catherine Bullock


Be the first to join a great friendly team sport! Everyone is welcome, from all possible skill set as well. The team is completely student run and is the first ever softball team. We have a place just for you :).

WHEN: Every Thursday Afternoon from 3:40pm – 5pm
WHERE: Field
LEADER(s): Julliete Evers and Lea Hemon


At world and enviro club we talk about all sorts of current world issues and with a focus on environmental concerns like climate change as well. Our generation is the one that will be most impacted so it’s important we understand these topics and do all that we can to change it for the better! We learn about a range of topics and do some cool activities and chat about some ways that we can make a difference individually! See you there! 🙂

WHEN: Tuesday Lunchtimes
LEADER(s): Harriet Lane and Lily Elliot