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Our School Values

Wellington Girls’ College has four school values.
Our values are what we, as a community, believe are important.
In 2018 we introduced and unpacked our values and their meanings in our form classes and discussed ways in which we could demonstrate them – individually and as a school community.
This year we continue to have a broad focus on our values, celebrating them by:

  • Knowing what they mean and being able to pronounce them
  • Acknowledging students who demonstrate these values ( junior award each term for every core class)
  • Including values when awarding Te Tohu Raukura
  • Discussing values in wānanga classes, subject classes and assemblies
  • Living these values as members of the WGC community
  • Demonstrating our values in our teaching and learning


Hospitality, kindness, generosity, support – the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others.

Mana – Prestige | aki – encourage | tanga – Makes a verb into a noun
Manaaki – To support, take care of | tanga – makes a verb into a noun


(adjective) be dogged, resilient
(noun) stamina, doggedness, grit, staying power, endurance, resilience, fortitude

Manawa – The heart of a person inclusive of the essence of the heart (emotions) / breath | Roa– long / lengthen
Manawaroa – Learning to control / lengthen your emotions

ngākau Pono

(verb) to be loyal, faithful, dependable, sincere
(modifier) loyal, faithful, dependable, sincere
(noun) loyalty, allegiance, dependability, sincerity, integrity

ngākau– Heart, mind, soul (emotions) | Pono – Be true, honest, genuine, sincere
ngākau pono – Having a true heart, being true to yourself and others


(verb) (-tia) to ennoble, treat with dignity, honour, revere, venerate
(modifier) honouring, revering, esteeming, respecting, venerating
(noun) veneration, honouring, respect, regard

Whaka– To cause something to happen – cause to be | Rangatira – Chief, to be of high rank, noble, esteemed, have great mana
Whakarangatira – To become / make a rangatira / someone of high mana and esteem through being respectful / enhancing other’s mana

To summarise:
Our values, mission statement, principles, vision and strategic plan are inextricably interconnected, reflect the culture of WGC and provide the framework for all for planning and decision making in relation to the core business of the college: the education of our students.

The outcome is to enable our rangatahi to
experience a curriculum that supports, empowers, acknowledges, values, affirms, encourages, and engages them.

Strategic Goals

We will celebrate learning
We will embrace diversity
We will nurture creativity


We will encourage innovation
We will optimise our resources
We will promote staff and student wellness


We will foster resilience
We will partner with whānau
We will connect locally, nationally and globally

Our Learning Environment

At Wellington Girls’ College we aim to foster a positive classroom environment. Each student should feel comfortable and valued and be able to achieve to her potential.

Staff and students have to recognise the rights and responsibilities we all share.

  • We have the right to learn and teach without being interrupted.
  • We have the responsibility not to interrupt.
  • We have the right to be treated courteously and respectfully.
  • We have the responsibility to treat others courteously and respectfully.
  • We have the right to work in a safe environment.
  • We have the responsibility not to endanger or bully.
  • We have the right to feel proud of our College.
  • We have the responsibility to act in ways which build a good image.
  • We are all responsible for our own actions and we must all see that the rights of every other person in the school are guaranteed.

Our School Culture

  • Students show respect for others and behave in the classroom in a manner that allows others to learn.
  • Students act responsibly at all times.
  • Respect is shown for the property of others and that of the school.
  • Uniform is worn with pride and respect at all times.
  • Wellington Girls’ College is a Smoke Free Zone.
  • Wellington Girls’ College is a drug free environment.
  • Students come prepared for learning and are not under the influence of alcohol or any other substance
    while at school or at any school function.
  • Appropriate and respectful language is expected.
  • Punctuality to class is expected.
  • Students are expected to be on site and in class unless an alternative arrangement has been made.
  • Appropriate behaviour on all forms of public transport is expected.