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The Māori Dean works in collaboration with Deans, classroom teachers to support our Māori students academically, socially and culturally throughout their journey here at WGC. The Māori Dean is a line of contact for our Māori whānau and the Kura. Māori Dean: Mitchel Woodman

Important Dates

2019 Hui ā-whānau
14th of Feb, 15th of May, 28th of August

2019 Key Dates
Ngā manu kōrero Regional Competition – 22nd of May
Matariki – 24th of June
Kapa Haka Regional Competition – 5th of July
Ki o Rahi Senior Tournament – 25th of September
Ki o Rahi Junior Tournamnet – 21st of November
Poroporāki for Leavers – 30th of October

WGC Māori Achievement Plan 2016 - 2019

The College wishes to partner with our Māori community/whānau to identify student needs and encourage them to contribute to improving the achievement of Māori

Māori Achievement Plan
Māori Achievement Plan