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The Pasifika Dean works in collaboration with Deans, classroom teachers to support our Pasifika students academically, socially and culturally throughout their journey here at WGC. Pasifika Dean: Rachel Crowhen

Important Dates

2020 Fono Dates
19 February, 20 May, 26 August

2020 Talona

WGC Pasifika Plan 2019-2021

The Wellington Girls’ College Pasifika Plan will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Tapasā Cultural Framework and the current Pasifika Education Plan.

These goals are to be shared with staff and regular feedback on the progress of them will be sought from students and their families.

Pasifika Action Plan
Pasifika Action Plan
Pasifika Education Plan
Pasifika Education Plan
Tapasā Cultural Framework
Tapasā Cultural Framework

Pasifika Navigator

Pasifika Navigator is a newly established group of parents that works with WGC staff representatives to act as advocates for our Pasifika students. Our goal is to enable and advance academic success at all levels, as well as ensure that Pasifika students feel confident with their culture and have this embedded into their learning environment.

Support from Pasifika parents and families throughout our WGC community is welcomed and encouraged!

Join the WGC Pasifika Navigator Facebook group to get in touch and stay up to date with upcoming plans/events