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Student Leaders

Pasifika Engagement

We hope to acknowledge and validate the identity of our Pacific students and to build meaningful relationships with them, their families and school staff. We share high expectations to encourage active involvement in the academic, cultural and extracurricular life of Wellington Girls’ College as outlined in our Pacific plan 2022 (Currently under review).

Pasifika Dean

Rachel Crowhen

The Pasifika Dean works in collaboration with Deans and classroom teachers to support our Pasifika students academically, socially and culturally throughout their journey here at WGC.

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Vertical Wānanga

The vertical wānanga has been created through talanoa with our students who wanted a safe Pacific space where they could support each other and embrace their culture at school. It is comprised of students from all year levels and is optional with Pacific students able to join at any time
Wānanga is a key part of our pastoral system.  Wānanga teachers are the main point of contact for students to help them navigate school logistics and any challenges they may have.

2022 Wānanga Teachers

Pasifika Participation

Pacific students and their families are valued for their contribution to the school, ensuring they have agency and authentic representation. An ongoing and mutually beneficial partnership is created and strengthened to establish an inclusive environment.  How we hope to do this is outlined in our Pacific plan 2022

Pasifika Aspirations

We hope to empower students to understand and realise their own potential and value, with the support of their parents/aiga. We are to provide positive role models and celebrate success to foster cultural confidence and self-motivation.  How we hope to do this is outlined in our Pacific plan 2022

Poly Club

Poly club is open to all students and allows us to promote and share Pacific culture at school and leads to Tu Tagata Festival in late July.  Our practices this year will be Tuesday lunchtimes and after school on Thursdays from 3.30-5.00pm.


Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020–2030
Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020–2030

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