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Student Leadership

Student leadership is an important aspect of Wellington Girls’ College, and something to which many students aspire.

Head Students 2021

The roles of the Head Students include representing the school at public events, working with Rotary clubs as an honorary member, helping choose prefects throughout the year, chairing the fortnightly Executive Council meetings, keeping contact with the school’s chosen charity, student representative on the Parents’ Association – dealing with dances, balls and the leavers’ function, as well as running assemblies.

The Head Students play important roles within the school as role models by being active, present and enthusiastic about all aspects of student life. They also support each other, and ensure they help create the best possible school environment.

Our Committees

As the Heritage committee for 2021, we aim to encourage exploration of our school’s heritage and increase the accessibility of our history for the student body. We are a relatively new committee, founded in 2018, and therefore we have few fixed responsibilities. Our main projects currently are running an Instagram page with weekly historical images from the WGC archives, producing a Year 13 leavers yearbook, and organising culture and heritage based events for all students to partake in. We also have opportunities such as being able to make nominations for the WGC Hall of Fame.

Overall, we hope to present the lush history of our school and its students to the next generation in an engaging and interesting manner. No matter if you’re interested in history or not, our goal is to make the heritage of the school something fun and exciting to learn about.

The Arts Committee encourages and promotes all the arts at WGC: Music, Drama, Dance and the Fine Arts.  Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment in which everyone feels comfortable to share their ideas and passions.  We promote appreciation of the Arts by making them more accessible to all students.  This is accomplished through a broad variety of events to connect with students who would not otherwise be exposed to the artistic side of WGC.

The Student Wellbeing Committee cannot be defined by one soul purpose. We are the committee that ensures all of WGC’s students are healthy in mind and in body. Specifically, this year we are focusing on the definition of wellbeing. We know that wellbeing as a concept doesn’t look the same for every student. Therefore, through different workshops and events throughout the year, our aim is to help all students explore different wellbeing techniques and find what works for them. Overall, our team of dedicated students supports and nurtures the growing minds and personalities of every student in our diverse community, through the promotion of self-care and friendship.

The Wellington Girls’ College Houses Committee is made up of seven members: one leader of each of the six houses, and the Head of Houses. Each of WGC’s houses are named after historical female figures whose strength and ambition continues to inspire us today. They are named Cooper, Mansfield, Batten, Williams, Shepherd and Hodgkins. As a committee, we run a number of fun-filled events throughout the year, our most significant ones being Athletics Day, Swimming Sports and our activity at the Year 13 Camp. The purpose of these events is to encourage students from all year levels to interact and demonstrate their sporting and artistic abilities. The purpose of having Houses is to foster positive environments for all year groups to express their school pride and create smaller families within the big Teal whānau that is WGC.

The Sports Committee’s role is to foster and support sport at WGC. They help to run events such as Athletics Day, Swimming Sports, and Relay for Life. They also coordinate the Sports Support Club which encourages WGC students to watch inter-school games and support our top teams. This is an efficient way of developing school spirit. The primary aim of this committee is to make sports accessible for everyone; athletes, social players and those who have never had the opportunity to play sport.

The Tuakana Teina committee is designed to ensure that our Year Nine cohort have a smooth transition from primary school to high school. As a committee, we aim to help create bonds between the junior and senior school, with every Year Nine having a Tuakana (big sister). This bond is strengthened with activities we run throughout the year, including the annual Tuakana Teina picnic, water fight and movie night! As a committee we care so much about the wellbeing of our Year Nine students, and want to help each of them shine and make the most of the junior school, through encouraging them to participate in clubs, sports and cultural activities that WGC offers.

The Te Ropu a Kiwa Committee aims to increase the cultural involvement of people within the school, no matter what their ethnicity. We want to see people embrace cultural events run by different groups and celebrate our differences. ‘Ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauria. My language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul.’ This whakatauki is associated with the revitalisation of Te Reo, which we aim to do in our school. It is about overcoming our blood differences and allowing language and culture to flourish within everyone.

The aim of the Student Learning committee is to encourage a healthy and enthusiastic approach to learning within the school. Our dedicated and creative members run and organise the Peer Tutoring system, our weekly Study Centre, the Textbook Swap and much more. We hope to continue to foster an environment in which students feel comfortable asking teachers and fellow students for help and support, as well as provide resources to help everyone thrive academically and reduce stress.

The Community Committee aims to spread awareness about eco-friendly living, make changes around school to reduce our environmental impact, and facilitate events that promote eco-conscious thinking. This year the committee aims to run two clothes swaps, a beach cleanup, install compost bins at school, continue running the World and Environment club, and promote volunteering opportunities to students. We hope to see a deeper understanding from students about the importance of being a kaitiaki of our earth.

The Student Council Committee leads a group of approximately 50 peer-nominated students from all year groups who act as the student voice at WGC. They work to resolve issues students face and brainstorm new and innovative ways to improve the school. These representatives talk to their Wānanga classes during the week before our weekly meeting, to gather information about what is currently concerning students. We talk about the issues and ideas that surface and discern what further action we can take. The overall aim of Student Council is to make the school a better place for everyone and constantly find new ways to help and improve our learning environment.

The Student Communications Committee helps to strengthen communication channels between all staff and students throughout the school. We promote WGC’s diverse variety of clubs through the Clubs Expo event and produce the Club Booklet to advertise school groups and encourage students to get involved. We oversee the digital aspects behind assemblies, such as creating the rolling notices and making sure the AV is running smoothly. Our committee also takes photos and videos of school-life throughout the year to show during assemblies and helps other committees with any digital needs they may have.