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For enquiries regarding your account contact Maree Foster Phone: 472 5743 ext. 734 Email:

Financial Information

School Donations

Parents and caregivers invest in their daughter’s future by way of a donation to the College. The money received from donations enables us to provide equipment and resources which are not covered by state funding, but which we believe are vital to providing the level of education expected of us.

Internet Banking Details

WGC Account Number:  030518 0027013 002 (or 02)
Reference: Student’s name and activity being paid for.

General Education Support Donation - $305.00 Per Student

This donation helps pay for equipment, facilities hire, sport subsidy, music, drama, debating, public speaking, cultural activities, clubs and various student competitions, student leadership and student wellness. We encourage wide participation in these activities by partially subsidising them, but we also retain user pays content for individual costs e.g. individual sports or cultural activities.

A component of the donation meets the costs of materials provided by the College for personal use by students. Textbook repairs, photocopying, and some class resources, are examples of materials consumed.

We will also use some of this money to offset the cost of the Nurse’s Clinic, which is free
to all students.

Technology Donation - $215.00 Per Student

Wellington Girls’ College has a sophisticated intranet which enables girls to access College course materials and other regular communications from home. The benefit for each student is enormous, as many girls log-in each day to the same desktop they use at school to retrieve notes, work they have been doing at school and comment from their teachers. There is also access for parents through a parent portal.

We wish to maintain and develop our Intranet and the opportunities it provides. We also provide a wide range of ICT technologies for the girls to use as part of their normal programmes including a full wireless network which means girls can use their own ICT devices anywhere on site.

Wellington Girls’ College continues to be at the leading edge of educational development in information and communication technologies. We wish to maintain and grow your daughter’s opportunities to engage with technology at the forefront of these developments.

Technology funding from the Ministry pays for about 10% of the total cost so the remainder is met from this donation and income derived from international students attending the College.

Development Fund Donation - $200.00 Per Family

The Development Fund, managed by the Board of Trustees, invites contributions towards capital projects that are not provided for by the Ministry of Education.

In 2011 $1.2m was contributed to the new Pipitea building. In 2013 the Development Fund contributed funds for the creation of an artificial turf.

In 2014 it helped the school re-develop the quad and Brook courts; in 2015-2017 it has paid for the work developing our new signage and wayfinding.

In 2018 the Development Committee replaced the Hobson Street/Hobson Crescent perimeter fence and upgraded the surface of the cricket practice nets.

Donation for 2019

Donation for one student attending

General Donation – $305.00 per student
Technology Donation – $215.00 per student
Development Fund Donation – $200.00 per family
Total – $720.00

Donation for two students attending

General Donation – $610.00 per student
Technology Donation – $430.00 per student
Development Fund Donation – $200.00 per family
Total – $1240.00

Other School Costs

School Based Items and Activities

As part of providing a full programme of activities to meet curriculum requirements and enhance the curriculum for students at WGC, the school has traditionally provided a range of resources and activities for which parents have made payment. Rulings by the Ombudsman and the Inland Revenue Department have resulted in some new rules around how these costs must be described.

When ordering stationery and other resources for your daughter this year, you will notice that some items are marked as “Voluntary Contribution” and others as “Optional”.

Voluntary Contribution:
Those items marked as “voluntary contribution” are items:

    • that the school provides as part of the curriculum
    • for which the school cannot require payment from parents.

Parents can choose whether or not to pay for these items. Regardless of payment, all students enrolled in the subject will be given access to the item. However in the event that a significant number of parents choose not to pay for these items, the school will experience a shortfall in funding. Voluntary Contributions are classed as a donation and qualify for a tax donation credit rebate.

Those items marked as “optional” are items:

    • that the school provides as an enhancement to the curriculum
    • for which the school does not receive funding from the Ministry of Education
    • for which the school can require payment before a student can participate in the activity or access the item.

Non-payment of optional items means that your daughter will not participate in the activity or receive the resource. In those cases, the school will provide an alternative option to ensure that your daughter still receives the curriculum requirements (e.g. a classroom based activity, rather than going on a field trip)

To Order School Based Items items please follow this link –

Sports Fees

Registration costs range from $20 to $200 depending on the sports code.  Some sports incur larger additional fees for tournaments, travel, coaching and equipment.  Full details of costs can be found under the individual sports on the WGC Sport page


From 2019 there are no fees for NZQA


Statements are sent out via email two times a term. Receipts for payments made appear at the bottom of the Statement. Your account can be viewed anytime via My Portal. To log in to My Portal click here. If you have misplaced your username and password please phone the office on 472 5743.

Lockers for 2020

The school has 830 lockers available. If you wish to prepay your locker for 2020 please pay $30 by internet banking into our account:

030518 0027013 002 or 02 – Wellington Girls College
Ref=student’s name & locker

Alternatively you can pay by  eftpos at the student office. Payment received in 2019 will help secure a locker subject to availability and assist with the speed of allocation at the commencement of the 2020 school year. If paid in 2020, there may be a delay of up to a week before allocation can take place or lockers may not be available.

Please check your account and if you have a credit balance on your daughter’s account and would like a locker, please pay the difference between the credit and $30 and we will transfer your credit to the payment of the locker for you.

For enquiries email .


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