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WGC Enrolment Zone Description

All students who live at an address within the home zone described below (and shown on the map) shall be entitled to enrol at Wellington Girls’ College.

The Wellington Girls’ College zone includes all address in the city side of Brooklyn (not Kingston), Kelburn, Northland, Wilton, Wadestown, Chartwell, Crofton Downs, Ngaio, Karori and Khandallah (not Broadmeadows). In the city itself are the areas of Aro Valley and Thorndon and streets west of Willis Street.

Northern Boundary
The boundary of the zone shall be a line extending from the Ngauranga Railway Station northwest to the junction of Fraser Avenue and Burma Road, then south along Burma Road (including house numbers 75 –103) to Kim Street. The boundary then continues northwest across Khandallah Park to Mount Kaukau, and bisects at 591 Takarau Gorge Road to Smiths’ Bay.

Takarau Gorge Road numbers from and including 591 are in zone.

Kim Street and Kimberly Way are in zone.

Fraser Avenue and all streets off it are out of zone.

John Sims Drive and all streets off it are out of zone including Rajkot Terrace, Orissa Crescent, Kanpur Road
and Bharat Terrace.

Eastern Boundary
The boundary of the zone shall be a line extending from the junction of Customhouse Quay and Jervois
Quay south along both sides of Willis Street. All even number housing on Brooklyn Road is included to the
junction of Bidwill Street. After this junction all house numbers on Brooklyn Road are in zone.

The boundary continues along Bidwill Street (all houses excluding number 2) to the junction with Wallace
Street (all even numbered houses from number 14 to number 132) and then to the junction of Wallace
Street and Hutchinson Road.

Continuing along Finnemore Terrace and then Dransfield Street (including numbers 2, 6 and 8), the
boundary bisects at Liardet Street and continues along Short Street to the junction of McColl Street and
Krull Street.

Liardet Street numbers 1 to 17 are in zone.

Krull Street numbers 4 to 16 and 22 to 30 are in zone.

McColl Street is out of zone.

West bound along Krull Street to the junction with Mana Street (including numbers 1 to 11 only), and then
along Fortunatus Street, the boundary bisects at Mills Road and continues through Veronica Street where it
meets with Mornington Road, and then to the junction of Mornington Road with Clarence Street.

Mills Road numbers south of and including 36 and 37 are not in zone.

Clarence Street is in zone.

Mornington Road numbers up to and including 80 are in zone.

From here the boundary continues west along Butt Street and then continues south along Ohiro Road
(even number housing) and Happy Valley Road (odd number housing) to the junction with Owhiro Bay
Parade and finally west along the northern side of Owhiro Bay Parade to the end of the road.

Borlase Street is in zone.

Stock Street is out of zone.

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