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Music Groups

All registrations for these groups need to be done on the website under Co-Curricular/Music/Performing Groups/ then find the group which applies to you.  Please sign up whether you are a new or old member.

Combined Choir – registrations will close at the end of the day on Monday February 17th.  The first rehearsal is at WGC in the Hall on Thursday February 19th 4.15 – 5.45.  Bring a pencil and a water bottle.

Barbershop – sign up on the website and come to the WGC Hall 8.00 – 9.25 am on Wednesday February 18th.  No auditions required.

Teal (Choir) –   No auditions required.  If you are new come to voice part checks on Wednesday February 18th at lunchtime in the Music Room.  Rehearsals start on Thursday February 19th 7.50- 8.35 am and at lunchtime in the WGC Hall.  You can come even if you haven’t had a voice part check.

Orchestra – first rehearsal is at Wellington College on Wednesday 18th February 4.15 – 4.45.  You can still sign up for this.

Concert Band – has started but you can still sign up.  Rehearsals are at Wellington College this term on Wednesdays  4.15 – 4.45.