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We know it hasn’t been the greatest 18 months, but CCUSA wanted to reach out and reconnect with you about the opportunities for your graduating students.

As you would be aware it has been a tough 2 seasons for our overseas work, travel and volunteer programs. However, CCUSA has pushed through, knowing that our programs and over 30 years of support for Kiwis to work and travel the globe is needed more than ever.

As it has been a little while since we connected we were hoping that this new format would be acceptable to let you know about our programs and opportunities available to your students whether it be in 2022 or beyond. Based on the calls and communication we have had with students and their parents we know that they are looking to see what life after school will look like, and it can get confusing and a little stressful.

CCUSA’s unique programs are designed to teach leadership, professional development and work-related skills.  In today’s society communication, collaboration and creativity are critical for success in the workforce, and CCUSA participants bring home these valuable skills. We have outlined the options and opportunities for your school and students below in a format that we hope will be visually appealing to all.  We look forward to reconnecting with you to discuss our programs and the options for your students to help them gain international work experience and life skills.
Regards,  Alan “Snowy” Perry, CCUSA Director