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Sporting Achievements

During the course of the year there are a number of occasions where the school recognises and applauds the sporting achievements of its students. The Sports and PE departments generally hear of such successes but there are some girls who reach representative status outside of the school’s domain, particularly in minor codes, which we don’t know about. We need you to tell us about achievements.

If you know of a WGC student who has been chosen in a regional or national squad or team, who has broken a record or achieved similar sporting success in any sports code, please let us know. We want to acknowledge our students’ successes.

Email or phone 04 472 5743 Ext 711

Sports Awards
This is an annual event held in Term 4 at WGC, to present School Sports Honours, Coaching Awards and Sports Trophies.


Junior Player of the YearSenior Player of the Year


Junior Player of the YearMost Improved PlayersPlayer of the Year
Asha YoungLil Chapman-Myhill, Ruby NelsonShayla Chin


Valuable ContributionPlayer of the Year
Maia WilliamsKate Chandler

Cross Country

Junior Runner of the YearSenior Runners of the Year
Juju MoorheadAva Sutherland, Kate McHardy


Paddler of the Year
Maddy Oppenhuis


Junior Player of the YearMost Improved PlayerPlayer of the Year
Gigi FreemanMolly MillsSamantha Hatchwell


Junior Player of the YearPlayer of the Year
Gigi FreemanLucy Armitage


Junior Player of the YearMost Improved PlayerValuable ContributionPlayer of the Year
Ellie CookRuby WrightLucy PottingerJess Davenport


Player of the Year
Claire Baguley


Junior Player of the YearMost Improved Senior BPlayer of the Year Senior BMost Improved Senior AValuable Contribution Senior APlayer of the Year Senior A
Tapini RaeaGreta WoolloffEsme MoresiPhoebe McNamaraHannah BigwoodLiv Mazey


Orienteer of the Year
Rachel Baker


Junior Rower of the YearCox'n of the YearCrew of the Year - U17 FourRower of the Year
Emma BagrieBetty CustodioZola Kemp, Liv Mazey, Nico Daly, Jess Sutherland, Betty CustodioZola Kemp


Most ImprovedValuable ContributionPlayer of the Year
Kate BellRosanna AsiataKei Roffey

Underwater Hockey

Valuable ContributionPlayer of the Year
Maddie DiackGeorgina Huttley


Junior Player of the YearMost Improved PlayerPlayer of the Year
Rylee AdamsonGrace AppletonRuby McAuley

Water Polo

Valuable ContributionPlayer of the Year
Evie MelhuishMilly Gilbert

Outstanding effort in other codes

Julie Lai

Team of the year

1st X1 Hockey
Riana Pho, Jess Davenport, Bella Manning, Brooke Aiono, Cara Penetito, Charlotte Talbot, Ellie Cook, Jessie Holland, Kate Chandler, Lucy Pottinger, Rachel Baker, Ruby Wright, Sarah Davenport, Sarah Jennings, Sophie Gilmour, Ted Gempton

Coach of the year

Tracy Bailey

NZ Reps

All round sports and cultural excellence

Contribution to sport finalists

WGC Contribution to sport

Sportsperson of the year finalists

WGC sportsperson of the year