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Sporting Achievements

During the course of the year there are a number of occasions where the school recognises and applauds the sporting achievements of its students. The Sports and PE departments generally hear of such successes but there are some girls who reach representative status outside of the school’s domain, particularly in minor codes, which we don’t know about. We need you to tell us about achievements.

If you know of a WGC student who has been chosen in a regional or national squad or team, who has broken a record or achieved similar sporting success in any sports code, please let us know. We want to acknowledge our students’ successes.

Email or phone 04 472 5743 Ext 711

Awards Dinner
This is an annual event held in Term 4 to present School Sports and Cultural Honours, Coaching Awards and Sports Trophies. The dinner is for students who have participated in top sport teams, music and cultural activities during the year along with coaches, parents, members of the community, and WGC staff members. The cost is around $60 to attend.

Sports Trophies 2018

Sportswoman of the YearBrooklyn Saunders
Contribution to SportJordyn Chin
Team of the YearHockey 1st X1
Social Team of the YearFootball WGC 4
Coach of the YearManaia Taufale & Jershon Elkington
All Round Sports & Cultural ExcellencePiper Maaka
ATHLETICSJunior ChampionRiana Pho
ATHLETICSIntermediate ChampionLola Fowler
ATHLETICSSenior ChampionJenna McKenzie
BADMINTONJunior ChampionSamantha Ewens
BADMINTONSenior ChampionJessica Tsai
BASKETBALLJunior Player of the YearTaylor Bryers
BASKETBALLMost Improved PlayerRhiannon Bond
BASKETBALLPlayer of the YearLawrin Tipene
CRICKETValuable ContribtionOllie Preston
CRICKETPlayer of the YearBeth Molony
CROSS COUNTRYJunior Runner of the YearJessica Hughes
CROSS COUNTRYSenior Runner of the YearEmma Douglass
FOOTBALLJunior Player of the YearSamantha Whyte
FOOTBALLMost Improved PlayerLibby Browne
FOOTBALLPlayer of the YearLucy Jones
FUTSALJunior Player of the YearJemma Catherwood
FUTSALSenior Player of the YearJemma Hall
Player of the YearGeorgia Bell
HOCKEYMost Improved PlayerAmy Wills
HOCKEYValuable ContributionCharlotte Leslie
HOCKEYPlayer of the YearSara Cooper
LACROSSEPlayer of the YearAnnalise Hames
NETBALLJunior Player of the YearEve Waititi
NETBALLMost Improved Senior BAlice Wotton
NETBALLPlayer of the Year Senior BJosie Taggart / Jordyn Chin
NETBALLMost Improved Senior AMaia Wilson
NETBALLValuable Contribution Senior ALaura Turner
NETBALLPlayer of the Year Senior AUrsula Crabtree
Orienteer of the YearLauren Kendon
ROWINGJunior Rower of the YearAlice Fahey
ROWINGCox'n of the YearJasmine Paxton
ROWINGCrew of the YearUnder 16s Coxed Quad Scull
ROWINGRower of the YearUrsula Crabtree
SKIINGSkier of the YearHarriet Teichert
SWIMMINGJunior ChampionSophie Buchanan
SWIMMINGIntermediate ChampionHannah Pulham
SWIMMINGSenior ChampionJulia Borlase
UNDERWATER HOCKEYValuable ContributionMaia Cameron
UNDERWATER HOCKEYPlayer of the YearMaia Cameron / Mia Simcock
VOLLEYBALLMost Improved PlayerSarah Gard
VOLLEYBALLPlayer of the YearDani Tufuga
WATER POLOValuable ContributionAlice Varney
WATER POLOPlayer of the YearRuby Lucas