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Professional Learning

Through a culturally responsive lens, we will refocus our values to ensure they underpin all systems and processes


Deb has a keen interest in working alongside staff to promote teaching and learning.

Maiea is exploring how student achievement and engagement can be improved by placing a student’s cultural background at the center of their learning. I would like to explore how culturally responsive practice and a focus on kawa, tikanga and mātauranga Māori can improve student outcomes.

As SCT Kailagh is independent of your departments or the hierarchy of the school. Her role includes working alongside the PCTs, supporting experienced staff in their teaching practice, championing effective teaching and learning, and working in a team to deliver staff-wide PLD.

I want to explore a UDL approach with senior subjects, looking at knowing the learner and all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment

Phoebe is working across the Kāhui Ako to imbed our collective goals. Her focus is on culturally relevant teaching practice and systems in support of our whole WGC community.

Christina is working to develop and implement a cross-curricular programme within our junior school, using a UDL lens to improve and support learner agency.

James is really excited to work with staff around promoting student agency in their specific subject/context.

Jess is working on resources to engage students as active participants in their learning and departments to help lay a foundation of agency in planning and teaching.

Samantha wants to continue to support wānanga teachers by creating resources and professional development opportunities for the wānanga programme.

Anna wants to continue the focus on improved wellbeing for our learners using evidence based approaches.

Maria wants to continue to support and encourage students during periods of change to enhance overall hauora.

My focus for 2021 is for WGC to achieve Rainbow Tick status to enable our school to be a safe place for all of our WGC LGBTIQ+ community, recognising & including our diverse families, students & staff

Julia wants to keep driving the school’s direction so that it aligns with the Kahui Ako goals – student agency, cultural responsiveness and wellbeing.


Our Code, Our Standards
SET: Research information for teachers

Start of Year

Values - whakapapa
Cultural awareness grid activity
Catering for neurodiverse learners in our classroom
Building Cultural Capability
Getting to know your students
Navigating Tricky Conversations
Walking Tour Historical Information
LGBTQIA+ - supporting your students and colleagues
Ngahiwi Apanui - CEO Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori
Setting and achieving your professional learning goals
Teaching and Learning from home
Managing Communication - Tips and Tricks
Know Your Learner
Make the most of your professional learning
Ko te Whanganui a tara tēnei
Student Agency
Creating a positive classroom culture

Goal: We will embrace language, culture and identities

Building the moral imperative
Kahikitia - Accelerating Success
Action plan for pacific education 2020-2030
Decolonisation and the stories in the land
Pasifika Action Plan
Pacific action plan summary
Māori Achievement Strategy
Action plan for pacific education 2020-2030
Staff PL - March 17- values
Pacific cultural competency

Goal: We will place students at the centre of their learning

Introduction to UDL
Coherent Pathways
WGC Student Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2021
UDL Resources
Evaluating Planning Through Agency
Agency Framework Feedback
Thursday Agency Club Notes
A Journey Through Agency

Goal: We will support the wellbeing of staff and students

Emotional Wellbeing
Mental Health & Hauora
Teenagers-anxiety can be your friend
Relationships & sexuality education
Fostering Resilience
2021 T4 Pastoral Hui