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Whitireia & Weltec Enrolment Information

Please follow this link  or you can now search any of our campuses to show you all the programmes in one space.


Enrolments for some of our programmes, particularly Trades, Nursing and Paramedics are filling quickly. Please advise students to enrol  if they have an interest in (particularly) these areas, as at least then they have a space. If they choose to withdraw over the summer break there is of course no penalty .

When applying, if possible, please have your students read through the documentation that is necessary for their particular programme. This will speed up the enrolment time for them. If our enrolments team call or email and leave them a message, it is important to respond, as students can lose their space if they don’t respond after a number of contact attempts by us.

Mata and I are always happy for you to email documents through to us which we can them forward to the enrolments team- if that is easier. Matas email is and mine is below.

  • Nursing/Social Work/Youthwork/Paramedic enrolments- these programmes all have a closing date of 29 October. Applications will be taken after this date is there is space available. Please have students read the information on the website regarding extra forms to be completed (ie supplementary enrolment form referee check form etc). This will ensure the enrolment process moves along quickly and smoothly.

  • *** Our Level 3 and 4 Foundation programmes for Nursing are being replaced by modules which students will study as part of their Bachelor of Nursing/BN Maori or BN Pacific degree. Each student is interviewed for the health programme they have applied for and this process will determine what modules need to be included in their first year programme, ie Biology/Communication papers/ Chemistry etc. Therefore students apply online for the programme they are wanting to study and a pathway is worked for them during an interview with our Nursing tutors. These modules will be on our website in the next couple of weeks and are very similar to what was being taught in the foundation programme.

  • Dance/Drama/Musical Theatre enrolments– Please check the enrolment deadlines for these programmes carefully as they differ:
  • Drama– online enrolments and auditions due by Sat 30 Oct
  • Musical Theatre enrolments and Auditions due by Sat 23 Oct
  • Performing Arts-( Maori and Pacific and Commercial Dance)– in theory closed at the end of last week,  however I will check with those areas if they are accepting more applications.