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Year 9 Dance

WHEN: – Friday 22nd February

WHERE: – Wellington College Hall

ENTRY: – $15 cash on the night !


 All students attending the dance must follow College rules relating to behaviour, including no alcohol, smoking or drugs.

Please note that students:

  • Will not be allowed to bring liquids of any kind into the event (any liquids brought by students to the event will be confiscated on arrival.)
  • Will not be given ‘pass outs’ (to leave the dance temporarily) and will not be allowed to leave the dance early
  • Must follow the directions of Security and the parent helpers.

If a student breaches a rule, parents will be called to collect the student from the dance.  Any discipline issue will be followed up by the school.

If your daughter has not checked in to the dance by 7.30 pm, you will be called to verify her whereabouts and safety.

Parents and caregivers must arrange to drop students off at the venue.  Students need to be picked up by a parent or caregiver at the end of the dance – you must come into the school at the main entrance. Girls will only be allowed to leave if accompanied by a parent or authorised caregiver. Please pick up your daughter promptly at 10.00 pm.

By clicking on this link and registering your interest to attend the dance you agree to abide by the rules above.  You must be logged into your school account to access the link.

No money + no online sign up = NO ENTRY